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Pop Up Order Form

When you click on the above "Pop Up Web Based - Order Form" button the order form will pop up as a second window in addition to this one. You see the order window in addition to this page by clicking on the window/window icon at the upper right of your browser if the order form completely covers this window. Then adjust the order form window to the size and placement that suits you.

You can return to the main page of Molnar's Stamp & Coin by using the "Back" function of your browser or clicking on the link below. From the main page/index you can go the pages you wish to review. Whenever you want to use the order form click on the icon on the menu bar at the bottom that represents the order form and it will pop up. The order form will automatically be reduced to an icon when you click on the price list web page.

You can use the copy and paste function of your browser to put information in the item section of the form.

An order form button is also located on each price list page.

The order form should work with all web browsers as it is not an email based form. If you don't get a "Thank You" page after you submit the order form page, please contact me by email. Also please contact me if you have not received a reply within 12 hours.

Please remember, don't send credit card information using the order form. The order form is not a secure method for sending that type of personal information. The order form is no more secure than a regular email.

If your browser does not support JAVA, you will not be able to use the pop up order form or the search feature.


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