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Additional Information for Non-United States Orders

This page applies to all orders from outside the US. This includes Canada. Orders from the US Military Postal System (AP0,FPO,etc) are not covered and are considered US orders as long as payment is by a US check (Military Banking System checks are OK).

  • Send in your order using our on-line order form or email your order.
  • We will respond with confirmation by return email.
  • Possible Ways You Can Pay.
    • By Check or Money Order. The instrument must be in United States dollars and payable by bank in the US. A US dollar check/money order must have a US bank routing code number on the check (this is important). In some countries Western Union sells US dollar money orders that are payable by a bank in the US. Foreign negotiable instruments in US dollars but not payable by a bank located in the US are not accepted.
    • For Japan and Canada only, an International Postal Money Order in US dollars is acceptable. Postal Money orders from most other countries probably will not be acceptable. If you are planning on using an IPMO that is not Canadian or Japanese Post, we need to discuss it in detail. It probably will not work.
    • For Germany. The Post and Telecommunications Department appears to offer a low cost bank to bank electronic transfer system. If you are in Germany, I recommend you look into this method of payment.
    • Wire Transfers (transactions over $500 only). Bank to bank electronic transfers (wire transfers) are acceptable for transactions over $500. Wire transfers can be expensive. International wire transfers cost us $40.00. In some countries the cost is much lower for wire transfers into the US. Final details regarding wire transfers will be by FAX or telephone only.

    • Cash (US $) can be sent by registered mail but is not the preferred means. If you send US $ cash by registered mail it should be enclosed so it is not visible when the envelope is held to the light. Cash is sent at your risk of loss in the mail.

    • We accept credit card payments. Authorization to charge your card must be sent by FAX. For information regarding credit card payments visit our Credit Card web page.

  • Add Postage and Insurance. Outside the US, postage will be the actual cost of Registered or Express mail. When the order is firmed up, we will advise as to the exact amount to add for postage. To give you a rough idea, registered air mail starts at about $18.00 and International Express Mail generally starts at $28.00. While it is called "Express Mail," we find it can take up from 5-7 days to arrive at the destination outside the US. Registered mail usually makes it in 10-14 days.
  • For general information pertaining to all orders visit the Terms, Conditions and Ordering Information web page.


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